The journal “MPEI Vestnik” is published from January, 1994. In accordance to Russian Federation laws, this journal has been registered as the mass media means (registration certificate № 0110997 dated 23.08.1993). The founder is Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University). According to the order № 2135 dated 14.07.2011 Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) was renamed to “National Research University – Moscow Power Engineering Institute”. Issued 6 journals per year.

The journal “MPEI Vestnik” is included into the list of reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of theses should be published for scientific degree of PhD and Dr.Sci.. The list is adopted by decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science 01.12.2015.   

The journal is included into the system RINZ. 

The journal is available according to the subscription: the index 36437 the general catalog of the Federal Office of postal service

 The journal  subscription online

Theoretical and scientific-practical journal "MPEI Vestnik” as a source of information on the achievements of the scientific schools of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, other higher educational institutions and organizations of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries   will be interesting to Russian and foreign experts in the fields of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, Machinery, Radio Electronics, Automatics, Computer Technologies etc.

Materials of fundamental and applied researches, modern engineering solutions, hypotheses and scientific polemics are published in the journal. The journal publishes articles by Russian and foreign scholars. The author's contingent of the journal is from post-graduate students to doctors of sciences, professors and members of various academies. 

According to the list of reviewed scientific publications of HAC acting from 01.12.2015, the journal publishes materials received the positive response in groups of specialties of scientific researchers, based on the following Specialty Nomenclature:

05.04.00               Power Engineering, Metallurgic and Chemical Machinery

05.04.02               Heat engines
05.04.03               Machines and apparatuses, processes of refrigerator and cryogenic engineering, conditioning systems
                             and life support
05.04.06               Vacuum, compressing engineering and pneumo-systems
05.04.11               Nuclear reactor engineering, machines, aggregates, and materials technology of nuclear industry
05.04.12               Turbo-machines and combined turbo-installations
05.04.13               Hydraulic machines and hydro-pneumo agggregates 

05.09.00               Electrical Enginneering

05.09.01               Electromechanics and Electrical Apparatuses
05.09.02               Electrical materials and products
05.09.03               Electrical Engineering complexes and systems
05.09.05               Theoretical Electrical Engineering
05.09.07               Illumination Technology
05.09.10               Electrical  technology
05.09.12               Power electronics

05.12.00               Radio Engineering and Communications

05.12.04               Radio Engineering included systems and devices of television
05.12.07               Antennas, UHF devices and their technologies
05.12.13               Systems, networks and devices of telecommunications 
05.12.14               Radar and Navigation technologies

05.13.00               Informatics, computer engineering and control

05.13.01               System analysis, information control and processing*
05.13.05               Elements and devices of computer engineering and control systems
05.13.06               Automation and control of technological processes and manufacturing*
05.13.10               Management in social and economic systems
05.13.11               Mathematic and software support of computing machines, complexes and computer networks
05.13.12               Systems for automated design*
05.13.15             Computing machines, complexes and computer networks
05.13.17               Theoretical fundamentals of informatics
05.13.18               Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software complexes
05.13.19               Methods and systems for information protection
05.13.20               Quantum methods for information processing

05.14.00               Power engineering

05.14.01               Power engineering systems and complexes
05.14.02               Electrical stations and power engineering systems
05.14.03               Nuclear power engineering installations, including designing, exploitation and withdrawal.
05.14.04               Industrial heat engineering
05.14.08               Energy installations on the base of renewable energy sources
05.14.12               High voltage engineering
05.14.14               Thermal Electric plants, their power engineering systems and aggregates

*- for directions of NRU MPEI activity

Besides mentioned directions, the journal accepts materials for publications, which have got the positive response on wide spectrum of problems in the field of science and technology, which could not be included into the List (from above-mentioned part of the general List related to the ‘MPEI Vestnik” journal. At that, accepted papers will not be considered as publisher in the journal included into the List of reviewed scientific publication of HAC acting from  01.12.2015.

At present, the work is fulfilled on creation the separate physical-mathematical addition to the journal “MPEI Vestnik” and on inclusion in the acting HAC List. We are going to accept articles in Mathematics (01.01.00), Machinery (01.02.00), Physics (01.04.00) and Electronics (05.27.00).

Paper publication in the journal is free of charge.

Editorial Board of the “MPEI Vestnik” is guided by principles of publishing ethics, which were developed on the basis of international standards:

- agreement accepted on 2nd Worldwide Conference on problems of honesty observation of  scientific researches (Singapore, July, 22-24, 2010, );

- statements of Ethical Kodex of scientific publications (Non-commercial partnership “Committee on ethics of scientific publications”;

- norms of Chapter 70 “Author right” of the Civil Kodex of Russian Federation ( .

Editorial Board of “MPEI Vestnik” journal guarantees observation of the publication ethics, authority, reviewing, and editing of scientific publications.

All papers independently on scientific degrees of authors should pass through reviewing. Reviewing and editing of all accepted materials is provided in accordance with requirements to publications of scientific literature.

Editorial Board has a right to reject the publication of materials received the negative opinion or not corresponding of journal requirements.

Editorial Board does not support the letters exchange on issues of explaining the negative responses and detailed reasons of rejection in publications.

Editorial Board saves confidentiality of private data of reviewers.