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Automation, Computation Engineering, Computer Science

Devices and methods of monitoring of an environment, substances, materials and products (05.11.13)

Economy and management of a national economy (08.00.05)

Electrical Engineering (05.09.00)

Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics

Electrical Power Engineering

Electronics (05.27.00)

Environmental Science and Energy Saving

Environment, Health and Safety

Heat Power Engineering

Human Sciences

Informatics, computer engineering and control (05.13.00)

Labor Protection (by Industry). Technical science (05.26.01)


Materials Science

Mathematics (01.01.00)

Medical Equipment

MPEI - 85

MPEI: people and years (07.00.10)

On the Anniversary of the Institute of Automatics and Computer Engineering

On the Anniversary of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics

On the anniversary of the Victory

Philosophy of Science and Technology (09.00.08)


Power engineering (05.14.00)

Power Engineering, Metallurgic and Chemical Machinery (05.04.00)

Radio Electronics

Radio Engineering and Communications (05.12.00)

Renewable Energy Sources

Scientific and Methodological Problems of Education

Sociology of culture, spiritual life (22.00.06)

Theory and Technique of Vocational Education (13.00.08)

Thermal physics and theoretical heat (01.04.14)

Thermophysics and Nuclear Power Engineering