I. Mainprinciples

1. Authors should will be guided by the accepted codex of scientific publications (http://publicet.org/code/)  and accounts for novelty и authenticity of scientific research. In particular,

1.1. Authors should guarantee that research results described in presented manuscript are completely original. Borrowed fragments or statements should be formed with compulsory indication of the author and firstprimary source.

1.2.Authors should not present the manuscript, which was already sent to another journal and it is on investigation. Sending his paper to the journal, the author confirms that presented materials was not published earlier (excepting publication in the form of resume, a part of published lecture, review or a thesis) and he/she is agree for its publication.

1.3. Excessive citing of own results previously published is not accessible.

2. A paper should contain a clear problem statement and conclusions with indication of application areas of results. Methodical recommendations for the preparation and design of scientific articles in journals indexed in international science-metric databases, developed by the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers, are available on the website http://rasep.ru/for-members/biblioteka-anri.

3. At concordance of the paper already passed though editing, the author should fill in and return to the Publishing House (via e-mail) “Agreement on publication” attached to the paper.

4. At discrepancy present between an author and reviewers, the final decision on paper publication expediency will be made by the journal Editorial Board. In the case of paper rejection by the Editorial Board, the further letter exchanger will be finished.

5. After the positive review will be received and the paper will be recommended  to publication, authors should send to the Publishing House the license agreement about granting to MPEI a right to use a paper on the basis of non-exclusive license. The date of the right granting is a date of author’s signature an agreement on paper publication on “MPEI Vestnik”. Without the license agreement paper will not be registered in the scientometric database RISC (Russian Science Citation index).

6. The journal “MPEI Vestnik” is included into the adopted list (confirmed by Higher Attestation Commission) of leading scientific journals and publications recommended at defending of theses.

II. Regulations of paper design

7. A paper should be presented to the journal in the electronic form: the materials should be sent via e-mail to the address vestnik_article@mpei.ru. The paper should contain:

- a title (abbreviations are impossible);

- full names of authors, information about authors, summary and keywords in Russian and English;

- the text (including tables, figures, the reference list)


The volume of the article - no more than 15 typewritten pages (including tables, illustrative materials and references), not more than 8 figures.
It is recommended to use a list of references for review articles - at least 30, for full-text articles - at least 20 positions.
In the list of literature it is desirable to specify at least 10 references to scientific articles from journals.
The list of literature should include links to current scientific work of Russian and foreign specialists, primarily articles published in the peer-reviewed scientific periodicals over the past five years.
Avoid unjustified self-citation, in most cases the level of self-citation should not exceed 20%.
It is not recommended to provide links to materials published dozens of years ago.
It is not desirable to refer to materials of popular science literature, the content of the site "Wikipedia".
 The editorial board also provides abstracts, key words and information about authors in Russian and English. The volume of the Russian-language version of the annotation should be such that the volume of the English-language version of the abstract exceeds 250 words.The paper should contain the UDC index.  

8. The paper title, names of authors, summary and keywords in Russian and English should be sent in the separate file. The volume of summary in Russian and the abstract in English must contain not less than 250 words.

9. The information about authors which includes full name, scientific degree, position, place of job (authors from MPEI indicate the department), phone number for urgent communication, and E-mail should be presented in the separate file. This information should be presented in the separate file.

10 Illustrations should be presented as separate files. They must be numerated (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3), added by captions and make a list of figures as the separate file. Sizes of the figures should not exceed 14 ´ 20 sm.

11. In the accompanied letter you should indicate the specialty (the code) according to the Higher Attestation Commission List of publications to which your paper is corresponded*.

12. For citizens of Russian Federation it is necessary to send the expert confinement, which may be presented in the printer form and the paper document should be send through the usual post or in the electronic (scanned) form.

13. At materials preparation for the journal, you should use the following computer programs and file formats:

Text materials: it should be prepared in Word, page parameters – upper margin 2,3 cm, lower 2,3 cm, left 3,9 cm, right 1,5 cm; type Times New Roman, fond size 14; interval between lines – 1,5, alignment on the width;

Graphical materials: all figure origins should be presented additionally in the separate files with corresponding numeration. For vectoral figures in CDR format (Corel Draw, version not lower than 8.0) or AI (Adobe Illustrator, version not lower than 8.0), all fonts in curves only. For raster figures in TIFF format. Monochromic raster files should be saved in the Grayscale model with resolution not less than 300 dpi, tiff-files shouls be saved without compression. Files in  *.jpeg format are permitted with resolution not less than 300 dpi.

Information can be accepted on electronic carriers CD-R/CD-RW and via electronic mail.

All files presented should be checked by anti-virus program.  

14. Formulas should be formed in the program Microsoft Equation, including in the structure of Microsoft office, or (preferably) in Math Type (versions 4.0 and higher). Exponents and indices should be formed higher or lower of the line with letters to which they corresponds: К12, А3, В2. The outline of symbols: Greek: w (direct); Latin: А, B, a, b (italic); vectors А, В(direct, bold).

15. Measuring units and letter designations of physical quantities should correspond to GOST (Russian Standard) 8.417 – 2002 «Units of quantities», and terms must correspond to requirements of appropriate Statу standards.

16. Tables (and references to them) should have sequential numbers and titles.

17. In references to the literature names of authors should be mentioned in original transcription.

References should be done in accordance with GOST 7.0.5 – 2008 «System of standards on information, library and publishing. Literature references. General requirements and regulations for forming». For books you just indicate names of authors, title, volume (part, issue), place of publishing, name of Publishing House, publishing year. For journal papers – name of the authors, name of the journal and paper, volume or part, number (issue), pages. References in the text on sources mentioned in the reference list should be in square brackets, in which the number is indicated corresponding to sequential number of the source in the list, for example, [1], [2 – 4].

18. Address for contacts: vestnik_article@mpei.ru,

111250, Russian Federation, Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya str, 14. National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”. Еditorial office MPEI Vestnik. Zaiko E.S.

 *In section “Policy of editing” there is a list of journal “MPEI Vestnik” specialties included in the List of HAC acting after 01.12.2015.